Swiss Rolex watches: what you should keep in mind when wearing Rolex watches

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rolex daytona swiss replica

Watch talent is not only good at selecting watches, but also know how to protect his or her beloved watches. You should keep in mind the following matters needing attention.

Effects of chemicals on the appearance of rolex replicas

In daily use of watches, we should avoid contacting with chemicals and acid, alkali, salt erosion, so as to avoid damage to the appearance of watches.

The appearance of many watches, such as watchband, watchcase, is gold-plated, chrome plated or titanium carbide. The coating is thin, mostly below 3mm. Some cases and strap itself is a plastic shell. If the appearance or the coating of the watch contacts with chemicals such as gasoline, alcohol, paint, cosmetics, spray, pesticide, medicine water solvent and mercury of broken thermometer, the color will be changed and eroded, or even delaminating.

Restricted zone of adjusting Rolex calendar

Rolex calendar watches, especially Daydate series, if you can use the quick dialing mechanism to change the day in a period of time in the course of work, this period of time is call restricted zone.

During this period of time, in the calendar mechanism, the shifting head on the dial wheel is just in the gear gap of the calendar ring. At this point, if you adjust the calendar by dialing, it will cause the rotation of the calendar ring to be blocked by the dial head, and it will damage the parts. Therefore, the calendar cannot be adjusted quickly during the period of the restricted zone.

Most of calendar watches with restricted zone are slow climbing calendar mechanism. The change of the date started from about 10 pm and finished at about 12 pm. The shifting head and the dial wheel are a fixed steel body. The current fast climbing calendar and the instant jump calendar often use an elastic head, which eliminates the restricted area. But for the sake of safety, it is recommended that you have a quick calendar adjustment during the day.

Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Watch

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Rolex is no doubt one the most successful watch brands in the world with the annual sales of about $5 billion, the annual output of about 800 thousand, and an average price of about 6000 U. S.dollar. It can be said that a brand with the output higher than Rolex can not sell at such an expensive price, while a brand expensive than Rolex can not sell at such a high output.

Rolex was founded in 1905. With its own unique product development and marketing, after years of accumulation, fake rolex watches has won today’s status. As a stand-alone brand ( Tudor is considered to be the low-end version of Rolex ), its sales volume can be rivaled with the combination of Swatch, Richemont and so on. It is so amazing!

After reading any Rolex brochure, it is not difficult to find that her product line planning is very simple and clear. In general, it has two major product lines, like Oyster Perpetual and precious metals watch Cellini. Oyster’s market position and influence are clearly much stronger than Cellini’s. As a systematic waterproof design that born in 1926, Rolex has been developing oyster products for years deeply. Rolex launched one after another of popular watches, such as Datejust in 1945, Submariner in 1953, Explorer in GMT Master in 1954, Day-Date in 195 and so on. The design elements of these five basic bestsellers are consistent. Its functions are very simple and practical, which is convenient for industrial production.

In terms of marketing, Rolex firmly turn her face to middle consumption population. Rolex pays great attention to product quality, precise time, straight and narrow designs and distinctive features. At the same time, Rolex focus on maintaining their brand image in the collection market. Since World War II, Rolex has maintained nearly 70 years of “value preservation, value-added” reputation, which brought a large group of fans.


Swiss TAG Heuer Is Made With Perfection

Swiss watch manufacturer TAG Heuer is the chronograph specialist. The brand has always been producing high-quality timepieces which are a craze in the market among watch lovers. Tag Heuer is the trend creator. If you want to catch up with the trend, just wear a Tag Heuer watch.

The Carrera collection is one of this Swiss manufacturer’s most well-known and successful series. Named after the classic race that began in the 1950s, the Carrera combines the refinement of a TAG Heuer watch with a sport watch style. Carrera of Tag Heuer – symbol of speed, passion and charm. Today’s collection contains chronographs as well as countless three-hand watches without a stopwatch function. Their design remains faithful to the spirit of the series and its long racing tradition. If you’re looking for a watch that embodies classic charm but still has all the functionality of a modern watch, you’ll want to take a look at the Carrera.

TAG Heuer are somewhat synonymous with motor racing and none of their collection epitomises this affiliation better than that of the TAG Heuer Monaco series of watches. TAG Heuer introduced the Monaco in 1969, two years before its cinematic premiere. The watch, with its distinctive square-shaped case, is powered by the caliber 11, one of the first automatic calibers in the world with a chronograph function. The eye-catching TAG Heuer Monaco timepieces are definitely one of the bolder and more unusual offerings from the Swiss watchmakers and the watch was made famous when it was worn by Steve McQueen in the hit 1970’s film, Le Mans. The Monaco was also the world’s first square-cased, water-resistant watch.

TAG Heuer Aquaracer is one of TAG Heuer’s most popular models. The name already hints at the fact that this watch series is directed towards divers and lovers of water sports. Thanks to the strict test, the resistance and stability of Tag Heuer Aquaracer guarantees it to enjoy great performance under any circumstance. In addition, the decent design and comfort on the wrist determine this watch to be the favorite watch model to most men. Elegant but modern, Tag Heuer Aquaracer blends genes of sports and traditional timepiece aesthetics, which becomes a reason for you to own it.

For every taste and for every use, TAG Heuer watches are made with perfection. If you want a perfect watch for your lifetime, a replica Tag Heuer UK watch will make your dream come true.