All About Moon Phase Watches

Moon phase watches are known to embody timeless charm and whimsical artistry that you can’t always get from other watches. There are some people who desire it for its utility and technical prowess, and others desire it simply for its beauty. No matter which reason you opt for a Moon phase watch, it will say something unique about your personality and make you enjoy wearing it.

The Moon phase function, the simplest and most common of astronomical complications, serves as a poetic reminder of the mystery and majesty of our night-time sentinel. As you would expect, this type of watch shows the current phase of the moon as it is seen in the sky. A “moon phase” is the lighted area of the moon that is visible as it travels around the earth. The moon phase indicator is a rotating disc on the dial that displays the illuminated portion of the moon, as seen from Earth.

The beautiful display of the moon phase cycle will differ in various best replica watches uk . Often times we see the moon phase display in bright and vibrant colors, adding bursts of color to the dial of the timepiece, but not always. Some Swiss watch brands take a more subtle approach, with the moon phase indicator blending in with the dial color. Although a popular position of the moon phase display is just above the six o’clock position, there is no universal location either.

Omega Speedmaster Moonphase  

It’s ironic, but the first watch ever to be worn on the Moon in 1969, Omega’s legendary Speedmaster Chronograph, didn’t get a Moon phase complication until last year. Housed in a 44mm steel case with a blue dial and ceramic bezel, beady-eyed folk might spot an astronaut’s footprint in the realistically recreated Moon (£7,140).  A bold use of blue gives the Moonphase its distinctive look. The case is in stainless steel and the twin two-handed subdials with rhodium-plated circles give the watch a beautifully symmetrical look. The image of the moon, in sharply contrasting black and white, is as detailed as a NASA photograph. Its highly accurate mechanism only needs adjusting after 10 years, and all it takes is a few turns of the crown.

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