Swiss Watches: Reviews on Rolex Cosmograph Daytona 116515LN Watches

replica rolex daytona
replica rolex daytona

The reason that the Daytona having Exotic Dial was nicknamed as Daytona Paul Newman is still debated. And the most romantic saying is that the watch that Paul Newman worn in the car racing film “Winning” in 1969 was Rolex Daytona (Paul Newman). But the writer of “The Best of Time: Rolex Wristwatches” Dowling and Hess think that the watch Paul Newman worn in the film was not the Daytona, and the nickname of the Paul Newman Daytona should be because Paul Newman in the movie poster of “Winning” wearing the Daytona caught the attention of the Italian movie fans and bought the movie tickets and then set off the global watch fan boom. Until now, either film or poster at that time, has already viewed and inspected by many watch fans, but the answer is still unable to agree.

It is interesting to note that Paul Newman has never admit or deny the rumors in the formal occasions, after all, the legend will be more attractive when it is still retain a kind of mystery and controversy, at this point Paul Newman never lose the star charm. Anyway, one certainty is that Paul Newman indeed loves Rolex Daytona, and worn Daytona also on numerous occasions, which cannot be done by the virtual James Bond.

Cosmograph Daytona Ref.116515LN

The Cosmograph DaytonaRef.116515LN released in the year of 2011 is equipped with two Rolex patented features, one is that its watch case adopts the Rolex patented formula Everrose Gold material, and the other one is that it uses the patented Cerachrom word bezel, and this high-tech ceramic can efficiently prevent loss, resistance to erosion and permanently keep shining. The Cerachrome word bezel of the Cosmograph DaytonaRef.116515LN is launched with a fresh black appearance, and its modeling is adhering to the design of the Daytona watch in 1965.

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