Swiss Watches: Reviews on the Rolex LADY-DATEJUST PEARLMASTER 34 Watches

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Rolex has launched Rolex LADY-DATEJUST PEARLMASTER 34 new gem wrist watch, with types of 18 ct gold, white gold and rose gold eternal style. Rolex’s watchmaking technology is perfectly combined with the dazzling and charming gold and the pure flashing diamond. And Rolex diamond inlay technology adhere to excellence standards of its brand, which laid the Rolex extraordinary leadership position in the watchmaking world.

For the masterpiece of the 34 mm diameter, you will find that delicate dial is fully and densely engraved with diamond. 18 ct gold outer ring is set with a square cut pink sapphire, and 18 ct white gold style is set with square cut sapphire ornament to add the noble temperament for the dial. As for the Rolex exclusive developed pink gold alloy foundry ─ 18 ct eternal rose gold watch, is engraved with the circular cut diamonds on the 18 ct white gold ring – all of these decoration is to show its brilliance. The above three models are equipped with diamond-encrusted bracelet to choose from.

Rolex LADY-DATEJUST PEARLMASTER’s watch strap is made of 18 ct solid gold chain restraint, which features graceful linellae, while in shaping the unique individual character; it also brings comfortable wearing feeling. The Strap is equipped with both elegant and practical concealment type crown buckle. And the middle links of some part of watches are set with top diamonds to match the and the diamond at the outer ring, and the diamond adds charm and beauty for this kind of wrist watch full of female charm.

If you have no choice which one to buy, you can also learn something about the Replica Swiss Rolex GMT II, which is characterized by Oyster type case, 18 ct solid white gold chain link oyster type strap, 3186 movement and precious chronometer. Swiss Rolex GMT II waterproof oyster type case’s provides the best protection for its highly accurate movement. Or check rolex presidential day date replica for more choices on buying diamond Rolex watches.

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